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Michael Smith introduces English language readers to what many consider to be the finest work of Spain’s great 20th poet.

In Federico García Lorca’s Tamarit poems, the dominant theme is that of life/love and death. He returns to Andalusian material, specifically to his native city of Granada, for images and atmosphere, among other things. Traditional ballad rhythms can also be heard, yet experimentation in rhythm and images and other techniques is also evident. The Tamarit Poems is considered by many Lorca scholars as among his finest work.

“Michael Hartnett, another Irish poet, translated Lorca’s poetry with aplomb—specifically Gypsy Ballads—but to my knowledge, no non-Hispanic poet, Irish or otherwise, has immersed himself so completely in the culture and poetry of Spain and Latin-America as has Michael Smith. So his understanding of Lorca, a sympathy in the literal sense, does not come out of the blue.” Michael Smith has caught what delights him in Lorca: his tone. This unsettling, entirely quotable book deserves to find many readers.” — Philip Casey, The Irish Times

“Michael Smith handles the challenge [of translating The Tamarit Poems] with consummate skill and fidelity.” — David Butler, Translation Ireland

ISBN 978 1 904556 76 3
140 x 216 mm, 115 pp


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Federico García Lorca was Spain's great 20th century poet and has had a huge influence on poets writing today, both in his native language and in many other languages. He was murdered by Franquist soliders on 19 August 1936 and his books burned publicly. The location of his remains is still unknown.

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