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Poetry Submissions Welcome

Dedalus Press is currently accepting online poetry submissions.

Irish poets, as well as those born elsewhere but currently resident in Ireland, may submit a book-length work (or a significant part of same) between now and 31 July 2016, via the DEDALUS PRESS SUBMITTABLE page. (Formerly the Press could accept only hard copy submissions sent by post.)

For detailed information, consult our SUBMISSIONS guidelines before preparing your manuscript, and then follow the link to the DEDALUS PRESS SUBMITTABLE page.

2 thoughts on “Poetry Submissions Welcome

  1. There is absolutely no point whatever in making submission, as already epublished poet the very idea of dealing with the literary snobbery and cronyism of the world we reside in, just would do my poor red head in, your’s in good faith, Gerard Quain

    1. Sorry you feel that way. Actually we have a completely open policy when it comes to submissions and every year take on books by authors with no previous association with the press. With our call for submissions just closed, this year we received over 150 full-length manuscript submissions for what will likely be just one or two openings on our list. (If we had the funding, or the staff, we might publish more. Then again, we’re not the only publisher devoting our time and energies to contemporary Irish poetry, and different presses have different interests, which is surely a good thing.) At the same time we also received over 900 poems for a feature of 13 poems in our new magazine The Level Crossing. Like full-length manuscripts, these too were read ‘blind’ and only 1 of the thirteen proved to be by an author previously published by Dedalus. So you’re incorrect, on a number of counts. The fact is that no one small press, operating with tiny resources, can hope to serve a whole community of writers and readers; but we do our best. However, if you don’t even bother to submit your work, to Dedalus or anyone else, you can hardly expect other than self-publication down the road.

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