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If Ever You Go

[A] map of the city's imagination
– Evening Herald

IF EVER YOU GO: A Map of Dublin in Poetry and Song is a major verse anthology from Dedalus Press in which editors Pat Boran and Gerard Smyth present a unique invitation to explore, street by street, one of the world's most famous literary cities through the poems and songs it has inspired down the ages.

A virtual tour of the city and environs, If Ever You Go takes the reader on a journey through streets broad and narrow, featuring verse both familiar and new, historical and contemporary, by writers whose work adds up to an intimate and revealing portrait of a place and its people. Contributors include poets already synonymous with the city — Swift, Yeats, Joyce, Beckett, Clarke and Kavanagh among them — as well as a host of others, including Kinsella, Heaney, Boland, Bolger and Meehan, who have made some part of it their own.

Street singers and balladeers rub shoulders with haiku and performance poets in an anthology that has its heart set on the very streets we live, work and play on. Groundbreaking in reach, celebratory in outlook, If Ever You Go is a record of the connections and epiphanies, the morning visions and the late-night wanderings that between them make up a map of a city where poetry truly matters. BUY

Featured Authors:


Thomas Kinsella was born in Dublin in 1928. Abandoning a Science Scholarship at UCD he entered the Civil Service in 1946 where he was assistant Principal... MORE


Katherine Duffy was born in Dundalk in 1962. Her debut poetry collection, The Erratic Behaviour of Tides, was published by Dedalus Press in 1998, and... MORE


Joseph Woods was born in Drogheda in 1966. He studied biology and chemistry, holds an MA in Poetry, and has worked as a chemist, a teacher and director... MORE


Anatoly Kudryavitsky, was born Anthony Kudryavitsky, in Moscow in 1954 of a Polish father and half-Irish mother. Having lived in Russia and Germany,... MORE


Gerard Reidy was born near Westport in Co. Mayo in 1958, qualified as a Civil Engineer in 1979 and started writing poetry in 1980. His first collection... MORE


Pádraig J. Daly was born in Dungarvan, Co. Waterford in 1943 and works as an Augustinian priest in Dublin. He has published several collections... MORE


Paddy Bushe was born in Dublin in 1948 and now lives in Waterville, Co. Kerry. A prize-winning poet in Irish and in English, his collections include... MORE


Theo Dorgan was born in Cork in 1953. He is a poet, prose writer, documentary screenwriter, editor, translator and broadcaster. Dedalus reissued his... MORE


Leeanne Quinn was born in Drogheda in 1978. She studied at University College Dublin, University College Cork, and holds a PhD from Trinity College... MORE


Paula Meehan was born in 1955 in Dublin where she still lives. She studied at Trinity College, Dublin, and at Eastern Washington University in the U.S.... MORE


Leland Bardwell was born in India, grew up in Leixlip and was educated in Dublin with extra mural studies in London University. She has published five... MORE


Mary Noonan is an Irish poet and academic. She lives in Cork, and works as lecturer in French at University College Cork. Her poems have been published... MORE

Poem of the Month

John O'Donnell

Something in the corner of your eye,
ditch-edge, a small bright blur
you almost miss, glanced at, going by

and then a second time, momentary
distraction from the road ahead, wheel-whirr;
something on the corner. And you eye

the fresh bouquet. Somebody will tie
another here tomorrow, the day after;
someone who’ll never miss a chance, going by

this asphalt curve to stop, to wonder why
he hadn’t stopped in time, the driver
who’d seen something in the corner of his eye

before he’d braked, the screeching geometry
of one life arcing to avoid another
and almost missing, bumper’s glance going by

and now no going back. You straighten, lonely:
how this sudden turn becomes a tear
somewhere, in the corner of an eye,
a loved one missed; a chance gone by.

(from On Water by John O'Donnell, May 2014)


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